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Acne scars are a confidence killing, skin damaging nuisance which no person -- be they teen or adult -- wants to deal with. Unfortunately though, a great many of us become plagued by these unsightly blemishes at some point or another in our lives. And if you're looking at this, then it means you too have been affected by acne scarring and are looking for quick, simple, and affordable way to erase your acne scars.

The simplest & most effective strategy for erasing acne scarring is by using, believe it or not, specially formulated skin cream. While other techniques may help to "hide" these blemishes for a short period of time, nothing works as fast nor as effectively as a reliable acne scar cream. Having said that, if you truly wish get kick your acne scar removal into high-gear, then do yourself a big favor and include one of these best acne scar creams in your daily skincare routine...

Acne Scar Removal Cream
Zenmed Skin Eraser Kit

It wasn't too long ago that Zenmed Skin Eraser was the top acne scar cream on the market. While it's still one of the best around -- and rated number 2 on this site -- Revitol Scar Cream has come screeching ahead in a very big way.

When it first came out, I declined to use or even review Revitol Scar Cream due to the fact that it was new and hadn't proven itself yet. My instincts said it was a fly-by-night scam that would be gone in a few weeks, so I decided not to waste my time.

While my instincts are far from perfect, they're usually quite accurate when it comes to skin cream products -- but that was definitely not the case this time. Within a mere matter of weeks, Revitol Scar Cream had catapulted ahead of every other scar removal product out there and had risen the bar for future products to come.

Revitol Scar Cream Special Offer

With Revitol Scar Cream's significantly lower price tag, it's faster, more dramatic results, and not to mention it's stellar 90-day money back guarantee, it's going to be hard for any scar cream (present or future) to top it.

The "goal" of this scar removal cream isn't just to get rid of acne scars -- it targets all scars. Scars from burns, injuries, acne, and even surgery are minimized, then soon after erased entirely. Like most other acne scar creams on the market, Revitol Scar Cream utilizes natural ingredients that won't harm the skin. The only difference here is that these natural ingredients are used & combined in such a way that they actually produce noticeable results.

Honestly, it's great if a scar cream is made of all natural ingredients and is marked 100% safe, but what's the point if it doesn't even work? That said, Revitol has the best of both worlds -- natural AND effective.

Now that we've got a little background, let's dive into the specifics on this acne scar cream...

How Long Does It Take to Work: While some have reported seeing really impressive results within just 2-3 weeks, the average wait time before seeing exceptional results is about 1 to 2 months.

Expect your scars to fade away slightly during the first few weeks, followed by more dramatic results as you continue using the scar cream. Remember, everybody has different skin and different levels of scarring -- you're wait could be shorter or longer depending on these variables.

Are There Any Possible Side Effects: As mentioned earlier, Revitol Scar Cream is made of natural ingredients that won't harm you or cause bothersome side effects.

How Much Does it Cost: The price for 1 jar is $49.95; for 3 is $99.95; and for 6 is $149.95. Of course, unless you were mauled by a Grizzly bear, cursed by a witch to live forever with a face full of acne scars, or got into a fight with a malfunctioning flamer thrower, I really doubt you'll need 6 jars of Revitol Scar Cream -- that'd be overkill in my opinion.

Light to mild scarring should be handled quite easily with 1 jar, while moderate to heavier scarring may require the 3-jar package deal. How many jars you'll need will really depend on your level of scarring, so I really can't make the decision for you. However, if you feel at all hesistant, then just go with the 1 jar for now so you feel more comfortable.

You can always come back later and order the 3-jar pack or even another 1-jar pack. And on the off chance that the cream doesn't work for you -- which is rare, but not impossible -- Revitol Scar Cream comes with a 90-day money back quarantee for unsatisfied customers. That alone should put you at ease and open you up to try it -- and in truth, that's exactly what "pushed me over the fence" and got me to try it.

Are There Any Downsides: None that I see and none that have been reported by customers. There doesn't appear to be any sort of free trial offer and you do have to pay for the shipping, but other than that, nothing negative to report.

Is It Worth Using: Absolutely. While I might not have said so in the later months of 2010 (when it first came out), I can definitely say so now. It's the most powerful, most efficient, most affordable solution for getting rid of scars -- be they acne scars, burn scars, injury scars, or even surgical scars.

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Acne Scar Removal Cream
Zenmed Skin Eraser Kit

The Zenmed Skin Eraser Kit proves that you don't need super sophisticated technology, or wildly expensive laser treatments, to reduce and eliminate acne scars. And while the name itself may seem intimidating, it's really just a potent acne scar skin cream packed with even more potent ingredients.

Lots of scar creams creep into the marketplace month after month, but more than 90% of them fade away as soon as consumers become wise to each cream's overhyped, underdelivered "effectiveness". The Zenmed Skin Eraser Kit, however, is the one acne scar system which has lasted through the years due to it's simple, no-nonsense approach.

The Zenmed Skin Eraser kit is a two part system which includes the "Renewing Microdermabrasion Complex" and the "Skin Eraser". The effects of using this acne scar system are similar, if not nearly identical, to opting for Dermabrasion Sessions or even Laser Resurfacing Peels at a clinic. The big difference, though, is that rather than paying an enormous fee to get instantaneous results at a clinic, you'll pay a faction of the price and just have to wait a couple of extra days for the FULL effects to be seen. In truth though, most users start seeing results with their first 5-minute application...
  • Fading of Acne scars
  • Fine lines diminish, skin appears younger
  • Skin appears glowing and fresh
  • Fine bumps disappear and skin surface is more even and smooth
After 3 Or 4 Treatments...
  • Flaws such as Acne Scars and hyperpigmentation gradually diminish
  • Collagen levels are increased, causing skin to look and feel more plump and alive
  • Combination skin is balanced, dry rough patches are gone
After 8 to 10 Treatments...
  • Appearance of wrinkles is minimized
  • Minor imperfections are diminished
  • Acne scars appear lighter and less visible
The basic concept of this acne scar cream is simple and uncomplicated: Fast & Super Effecient Exfoliation. This treatment drastically speeds up the removal of old, dead skin cells and turbo charges the growth of newer, healthier skin cells. This, to put it simply, removes the appearance of acne scars, discoloration, as well as many other possible defects of the skin. Just look again at the bullet points above to get a clear picture of what the Zenmed Skin Eraser Kit can do.

Not let's move on to the specifics of this acne scar cream...

How Long Does It Take to Work: 2 to 3 weeks is the reported timeframe for users to start seeing noticeable results. But as indicated by the site and their many customers, you should be able to see the effects with the very first application. As I always say, results vary from person to person with EVERY product, so it could take less time or more time for you to see improvements.

Are There Any Possible Side Effects: The Zenmed Skin Eraser Kit can be used on the most sensitive types of skin with no dangerous or bothersome side effects.

How Much Does it Cost: The price is $60 for one kit,  $110 for 2 kits, and $180 for 4 kits. It's definitely not a bad deal price wise -- and, unless you've got really, really bad acne scarring, you should be able to get away with ordering just 1 kit. It also has a 60-day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied, which is never a bad thing.

Are There Any Downsides: Not really. There isn't a free trial offer and you do have to pay for the shipping, but other than that, nothing negative to report.

Is It Worth Using: Yes, definitely. It works fast, it's powerful, and it's not overly expensive -- a great choice for any acne scarred individual.

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Best Acne Scar Cream
Best Acne Scar Creams

The Dermagist Acne Scars Reduction System, or DASRS, is the 3rd best acne scar cream on the market. And truthfully, it's not all that far behind Zenmed. The only reason it's not number 2 is because Zenmed Skin Eraser Kit is much more popular and a lot more people use it on a regular basis. As far as effectiveness goes though, they're not wildly different and it's only behind by a small margin.

Dermagist doesn't bombard you with gimmicks, unrealistic promises, or ridiculous sounding benefits which are sure to be made up. It merely lists the ingredients, tells you how they work & why, as well as explains how your skin will be affected.

The webpage itself is as simplistic as it gets. A brief description, a picture of the product, descriptions of it's powerful ingredients, and two short success stories -- that's it. Clearly, they're not trying to over-hype their product. I'm sure they could, but I honestly think they don't care about the "flash" aspect like so many other companies do -- they're selling a product that works and that's the end of it, period. Now on to the more specific aspects of this acne scar cream....

How Long Does It Take to Work: This will vary from user to user, but the typical wait time appears to be about 1 month for most people; sometimes sooner, sometimes longer.

Are There Any Possible Side Effects: This acne scar cream is made of completely safe ingredients that will not harm you whatsoever.

Are There Pictures and Success Stories: Yes. There are 2 sets of before & after photos, both of which are pretty clear. There are also two success stories accompanying the photos. In my opinion, there should be far more, but like I said, they like to keep it simple and to the point.

How Much Does It Cost: As mentioned earlier, Dermagist Acne Scars Reduction System is a straight-to-the-point, no muss, no fuss acne scar cream. It doesn't try to entice folks with free trials, bonus offers, or risk free deals. Instead, it simply offers an iron-clad money back guarantee in case you're not completely satisfied for some reason. No autoship program, no gimmicks, no shady tactics.

The price is $90 (comes with 2 creams) and you can add $40 more to double the supply if desired. If you've got only a few acne scars you're looking to get rid of, then you can probably get away with just the $90 price. If you have lots of them all over your face and they're very deep, and very noticeable, you might want to double up rather than having to come back in a few months for anoter order. It's up to you though.

Too Expensive: If you think $90 is a bit expensive for an acne scar cream, well, I couldn't agree with you more. As far as creams go, the typical thinking is they should be around $40-$50. But, if you really think about it, all the acne scar creams that are priced within that range usually turn out to be crap (except for Revitol & Zenmed of Course). I've tried many of them and each one was utter trash. So, while it is indeed more expensive, it's also exponentially more effective than most other products out there. You've gotta take the good with the bad, right?

Are There Any Downsides: Aside from the slightly "higher-than-I-would-like" price tag, not really. There isn't a free trial offer on this acne scar product, which is good and also bad. Bad because you can't "try before you buy" -- which many people, including myself, like to do. Good because you know before hand there isn't an autoship or "vip" membership that you're automatically signed up for. That said, as far as downsides go, this isn't all that big of a bummer.

Is It Worth Using: If you're afflicted with unsightly acne scars and want to get rid of them quickly & easily, then yeah, it's most definitely worth it. This acne scar cream works fast, it produces noticeable, lasting results, and it doesn't break the bank like other high-end treatments. Case in point, it's not called one of the best acne scar creams on the market for nothing.

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