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How to Clear Acne :: Natural Acne Removal

How to Remove Acne Naturally - 5 Great Tips

Everybody wants to maintain a clear complexion and enjoy healthy skin, but acne outbreaks can affect anybody, anytime, anywhere. So what should you do if you're suffering from chronic acne outbreaks?

Some folks can afford expensive products and medical procedures for acne removal. If you're one of many who does not want to spend lots of money but you still long for smooth, blemish free skin, then these five simple remedies for how to remove acne may help you.

Top 5 Acne Removal Remedies...

1. Use Acne Soaps Daily

Make sure you are cleansing your skin with soaps designed to dry up acne blemishes fast. The antioxidant and antiseptic properties of sulfur work well to remove excess dirt and oil from your skin. Sulfur cleansers containing salicylic acid provide a one-two punch in the fight for acne removal.

Wash your face twice a day; once when you get up, and once before bed, no more and no less. Excess washing can actually overly dry your skin. This will trigger your sebaceous glands to create even more sebum and make you more prone to acne outbreaks.

It will also be highly beneficial to change your pillowcases at least every other day. It sounds too simple, but it is an effective methods for how to remove acne to avoid re-contaminating your skin with excess sebum oil that was absorbed by the pillowcase while you slept.

2. Watch What You Eat, Then Eat Beter

There are many nutritionists and proponents of alternative medicine who will tell you that a healthy diet is the only effective method of natural acne removal due to the fact that an appropriate diet will enable your body to heal the acne itself. Others believe that food allergies might be causing your acne troubles and that's true, as some people may suffer from allergies that exacerbate an existing acne problem.

Everyone can learn how to remove acne by adopting a diet low in processed sugars, starches and saturated fats which provides the recommended daily allowances of vitamins, minerals and lean protein.

This can be achieved easily with a vegan or vegetarian diet. However, animal protein is not an unhealthy food choice, provided it is lean and unprocessed. The addition of a daily vitamin/mineral supplement is another asset to any healthy diet, but should not be relied upon to provide minimum daily requirements.

3. Eat Enough Essential Fatty Acids.

Getting sufficient amounts of essential fatty acids goes a long way towards acne removal. These are the good fats that help control the production of androgens -- the nasty male hormones that surge during puberty, and promote the development of the excess sebum oil responsible for clogging pores and initiating an acne outbreak.

Omega fatty acids 3,6 and 9 are essential ingredients in a healthy, balanced diet. There are many food sources rich in omega 3 fatty acids. They include avocados, sesame seeds, walnuts, dark leafy green vegetables, salmon, sardines and tuna. One tablespoon of olive oil provides more than enough daily omega 6 fatty acid. Omega 9 is also present in avocados.

4. Drink Plenty of Water.

The easiest way to clear acne naturally is to drink only fresh water and and natural unsweetened fruit juice. Of course, and as you well know, limiting your fluid intake to just water is not a cure-all for acn -- it just helps with overall acne removal.

Drinking adequate amounts of water is essential for good health. Water flushes away toxins and impurities from your bloodstream; via your urine, sweat and bowel movements. Although many health care professionals say the 8 by 8 rule of thumb for water consumption is not a daily requirement, it is a good place to start. That's eight, 8 ounce glasses of pure water per day. Caffeinated and carbonated drinks do not count. Milk and fresh fruit juice do.

There's no doubt that drinking 60 ounces of water EVERY day can be tough, especially for people that hate the taste of water. Personally though, that's why I mix it up with some natural fruit juices every now and again. You can either combine the water and the juice, or have a glass of water, followed by juice later.

5. Stick With Oil Free and Paraben Free Hair & Beauty Products

Avoid using harsh chemicals or oil-based products on your hair. Products containing heavy oils or paraben (a form of wax) are transfered to your face when you sweat, and whenever your hair touches your skin. These can cause or even aggravate an acne breakout by blocking your pores.

Also, minimize the use of cosmetics during an active outbreak. Although beauty products may be effective at hiding your acne, they also block your pores and increase the risk of infection. If you choose to wear makup durning an acne outbreak, avoid cheap products, which may contain harsh chemicals or heavy oils.

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